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  1. Hi,

    I have been using RunningMate on my Windows phone since July 2013 and I have liked it for the most part but since you added the Summary view after you stop a run the program looses every 2nd or third run I do and it is getting very frustrating. If there are gap days then I will almost certainly loose that run from the history.

    I have tried looking at the run immediately or not looking at the run until I get inside the house 5 min. later but that does not seem to have any affect of whether the run will be lost or not.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Cheryl

      Sorry about your experience with Running Mate and thanks for raising this. Could you please send us email with detail to nabmo@live.com or preferably use the “Feedback” button from within the app. This way we’ll get more information (phone model, memory, etc) required to replicate the issue on our end. I am also interested to know if the application crashes when you hit stop button or it actually completes successfully, show the summary but then forgets about the last workout on restart. Your help is appreciated in resolving this issue. I am trying on my end to see any obvious issues. Thanks.

      NabMo Media

  2. Is the a way to enter and save my treadmill runs? To cold and snowy to run out side but I miss my running mate when I do run inside and the update of the data in the pin

  3. Hi – I have a Nokia 1020 with v5.9.0.0 of the app. Last week the battery drained and the app did not save the run I was on. This week, it was on the black lock screen showing the run details when it suddenly vanished (I was still running at this time). When I finished my run, the app was on the main screen without any trace of the current run. This is highly frustrating. Do yo stroke temporary information on the phone which can be retrieved and included into the summary? Also, I want to send this feedback thru the feedback button but not sure how to create an account !

    Lastly is there a way to input the runs on the treadmill?

    Thanks for your attention to this matter. Please note I am a trial user still and plan to buy the app when the trial expires

    • You will have to setup an email account to send us feedback through the app.

      The workout is only saved when you hit the stop button. So if the battery die or the phone decide to kill GPS tracking to preserve battery then there is no way to get your run data back.

      We are working on a feature to let you add treadmill runs.

      Hope this helps. Thanks.

  4. How do I setup an email account on your app?

    • You don’t need to setup anything in the app. If you have any email account setup in your phone then the feedback button will use that. You will need to add an email account in phone accounts if you don’t have any setup.

  5. I have version 6.0.0 How do I get rid of the number on the tile? I disabled tile update but there is still a number showing on top of the tile. I don’t need to see how many days since my last run.

  6. Hi,
    Love the Running Mate app. I actually mostly use it to track walks and hikes that I do, rather than running, but it does the job very well. One question though. If I pause the ‘workout’ for a period of time, say if we stop for a break, then when I export the track as a GPX at the end of the walk, it seems to ‘cut out’ the break, and then change all of the times on the subsequent GPX records, so if you look at the GPX track in different program, it is as if you never stopped, and the recorded finish time (as in the GPX records) is earlier than the actual finish time by the amount of the break.
    Would it be possible to have an option in settings to record ‘actual’ times rather than ‘calculated’ times in the GPX records under these circumstances?
    I appreciate that this is primarily a running app, and that the current behavior is probably more what you want when running, but I’ve not found a better app for my hiking, and this small(?) change would make it work better for me… 🙂

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