Regarding “High Accuracy Mode” in Running Mate

With v3.0 I’ve made “Running Mate” use only high accuracy coordinates from GPS. This resulted in some people not being able to use the app for tracking. Since the OS was ignoring coordinates returned by triangulation or Wifi, the app ignored them. This would be most probably fine if you used it out in the open but some users start or stop their run where GPS signals are weak. Users of pre-v3.0 were frustrated because all previous versions didn’t have this limitation.

Now with v3.2 I am introducing “High Accuracy Mode” which will enforce high accuracy coordinates. By default the app will use any GPS coordinates returned by the phone but if you want to make sure you only use high accuracy coordinates (like in v3.0) then you will have to enable that option in settings. This way the users will know that they are running the app in high accuracy mode hence their run will not track where GPS strength is low. This is also useful where you go through a lot of tunnels or places with low GPS strength. High Accuracy Mode will only take the coordinate before you entered the tunnel and after you came out instead of trying to triangulate when you were inside the tunnel.

To make this even more clear I have added a GPS strength indicator bar in Run View so you can see why your coordinates are being ignored. Hope this clears up a lot of issues users reported post v3.0 release.


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