Running Mate v3.2 Beta

Hi all

We have just released v3.2 beta to existing beta testers. This release includes:

  • Sync-to-SkyDrive option: You can save your workouts on SkyDrive. We are still keeping our promise of not uploading any data from the app to our remote servers. Everything will stay under your control. Either in your phone or on your SkyDrive. 
  • A GPS Accuracy filter is now removed and will be made optional which resulted in some users not being able to use the app. If you are in a WiFi area when using the app then the old version will not regard your location as accurate enough to be used for run tracking. Although in most cases this will be pretty accurate but we were ignoring them. Now this will become an option.
  • Some issues with the app when using with “Light Theme” are now fixed.
  • Other fixes coming soon in this release. I will update this post.

If you are not on beta and would like to be part of the testing team then please drop us an email at with your phone model, country and the email address used for Windows Phone Store login.


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