Running Mate – now available

Running Mate v3.0 for Windows Phone 8 is now available in the marketplace. Please download here:

Thanks for the overwhelming support during the beta that has made this release possible. Tens of bugs caught and fixed during this phase wouldn’t be possible without your help. I would like to a big thanks to everyone who’s sent feedback in any shape or form. Thank you!

A special shout-out to Gokul, Billy and Sarah  for the continued feedback. The most solid evidence of RC stability came from Billy who decided to take Running Mate out for his 90km journey in Indonesia. Although he didn’t run that distance the accuracy was pretty good and the whole trip was tracked offline with the app running in the background. Billy shared some pictures from his trip and I couldn’t resist sharing them (thanks Billy):

wp_ss_20130613_0002 wp_ss_20130613_0001

WP_20130613_023 WP_20130611_042 WP_20130611_038 WP_20130611_029 WP_20130611_025 WP_20130611_014


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