Running Mate Beta – v2.2 now available

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback. We’ve managed to close all reported issues and most of the features requests. Please note this is the final beta and we’ll release a Release Candidate before releasing the version in Windows Store. We’ll only be fixing issues for this release and not adding new features. Some of the features that we couldn’t squeeze in this release will become part of the future releases. Here is a list of issues and features we have fixed so far:

  1. Height and Weight is not saved. It resets to default.
  2. Wrong speed and distance is calculated in splits.
  3. Live tile not updating in the background.
  4. Location tracking issues when starting a run from no GPS lock.
  5. Big buttons instead of small app bar buttons in run view.
  6. End point and end time is not in sync. Your end point is now your actual end point according to your location instead. Extra time added between last location and when you stop your run is now removed.
  7. Added Imperial Units
  8. Removing an individual run now removes all linked medals and run data like distance and time.

Following issues are still open and we are working on it:

  1. Help page
  2. Some control colours are wrong in settings.

Here is a list of features that will become part of the next release:

  1. Option to share your run data.
  2. Audio feedback when running.
  3. Syncing run data.
  4. What  to do with empty space on the main screen? We need your help in that. Please let us know what would you like to see there.

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