SkyDrive support FAQs

A lot of the beta testers are asking questions around SkyDrive support so I have decided to put them here:

  1. Can I sync my application configuration?
    No, at this stage only your workouts will be saved.
  2. How can I delete a run already synced to SkyDrive?
    You can log onto SkyDrive website or use the Windows Phone app to locate your run. All workouts are saved as XML files with *.nmo3 extension. The name of the file is date and time of workout in UTC. E.g. “2013-06-26 110355-Run.nmo3”
  3. How do I delete all runs from my phone and SkyDrive?
    You can use “remove all runs” from app bar in the phone to delete workouts locally. You can then go to SkyDrive -> NabMo Media -> Running Mate -> Workout History and delete content.
  4. How do I know what Running Mate is saving to my SkyDrive?
    We only save your workout data. Everything is saved in XML format so you can open the files in Notepad or any other text editor. An XML editor is even better!
  5. How much space does it take?
    An hour’s workout normally takes around 250kb data. You can do the maths.
  6. What folder structure can I expect?
    NabMo Media
    :::: Running Mate
    :::: :::: Workout History
    :::: :::: Exports
  7. Why is there an Exports folder?
    For future use.
  8. Can I archive old runs?
    Yes you can. The app doesn’t provide this functionality natively yet but you can easily do that yourself using SkyDrive website or an app. The way I would do it is to keep another folder (perhaps inside Workout History folder) called Archive and move the runs I don’t want to sync. This way when you sync you only sync latest data and the whole process would be much quicker.
  9. Why there is no auto-sync option?
    Currently, the guideline to use SkyDrive from a third party app is to only access a user’s SkyDrive through an explicit action (pressing sync button in this case) so an app accessing your SkyDrive in the background without your action will fail certification. Also, workout data can be big and may add to your mobile phone bill so it’s best to sync when you are using a faster WiFi connection.
  10. I am an XML ninja, can I edit my workouts to remove coordinates I think are potential noise?
    Absolutely, if you are comfortable with XML and you know what you are doing then it shouldn’t be a problem. Keep in mind that the app will not sync your changes if it already has that workout locally. You will need to delete run locally on the phone and sync again to get the latest file from SkyDrive.
  11. Can I convert XML in .nmo3 files to GPX?
    If you know how to do this then you can use XSLT to transform our file to GPX. It is possible though it might be a bit tricky. Btw, we are bringing export functionality soon!

Running Mate v3.2 Beta

Hi all

We have just released v3.2 beta to existing beta testers. This release includes:

  • Sync-to-SkyDrive option: You can save your workouts on SkyDrive. We are still keeping our promise of not uploading any data from the app to our remote servers. Everything will stay under your control. Either in your phone or on your SkyDrive. 
  • A GPS Accuracy filter is now removed and will be made optional which resulted in some users not being able to use the app. If you are in a WiFi area when using the app then the old version will not regard your location as accurate enough to be used for run tracking. Although in most cases this will be pretty accurate but we were ignoring them. Now this will become an option.
  • Some issues with the app when using with “Light Theme” are now fixed.
  • Other fixes coming soon in this release. I will update this post.

If you are not on beta and would like to be part of the testing team then please drop us an email at with your phone model, country and the email address used for Windows Phone Store login.

Running Mate – now available

Running Mate v3.0 for Windows Phone 8 is now available in the marketplace. Please download here:

Thanks for the overwhelming support during the beta that has made this release possible. Tens of bugs caught and fixed during this phase wouldn’t be possible without your help. I would like to a big thanks to everyone who’s sent feedback in any shape or form. Thank you!

A special shout-out to Gokul, Billy and Sarah  for the continued feedback. The most solid evidence of RC stability came from Billy who decided to take Running Mate out for his 90km journey in Indonesia. Although he didn’t run that distance the accuracy was pretty good and the whole trip was tracked offline with the app running in the background. Billy shared some pictures from his trip and I couldn’t resist sharing them (thanks Billy):

wp_ss_20130613_0002 wp_ss_20130613_0001

WP_20130613_023 WP_20130611_042 WP_20130611_038 WP_20130611_029 WP_20130611_025 WP_20130611_014

Running Mate RC – Available now

The Release Candidate of Running Mate for Windows Phone 8 is now available for the same group of beta testers. Please download here:

I’ve fixed the following in this release:

  • Time on the run screen lags behind after few minutes. This was a purely a cosmetic thing, the actual run time was still calculated correctly.
  • When changing distance units, the change didn’t apply in run history view.
  • Calories in run history view always display 0.

Running Mate Beta – v2.2 now available

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback. We’ve managed to close all reported issues and most of the features requests. Please note this is the final beta and we’ll release a Release Candidate before releasing the version in Windows Store. We’ll only be fixing issues for this release and not adding new features. Some of the features that we couldn’t squeeze in this release will become part of the future releases. Here is a list of issues and features we have fixed so far:

  1. Height and Weight is not saved. It resets to default.
  2. Wrong speed and distance is calculated in splits.
  3. Live tile not updating in the background.
  4. Location tracking issues when starting a run from no GPS lock.
  5. Big buttons instead of small app bar buttons in run view.
  6. End point and end time is not in sync. Your end point is now your actual end point according to your location instead. Extra time added between last location and when you stop your run is now removed.
  7. Added Imperial Units
  8. Removing an individual run now removes all linked medals and run data like distance and time.

Following issues are still open and we are working on it:

  1. Help page
  2. Some control colours are wrong in settings.

Here is a list of features that will become part of the next release:

  1. Option to share your run data.
  2. Audio feedback when running.
  3. Syncing run data.
  4. What  to do with empty space on the main screen? We need your help in that. Please let us know what would you like to see there.

Running Mate – Reported Issues

Thanks for being part of Running Mate closed beta. I just wanted to put a list of known issues here so everyone knows about what has been reported so far:

  1. Some issue in distance calculation. Less distance is being reported.
  2. Some flip buttons in settings use wrong colour.
  3. Some Nokia Lumia 620 users reported blank screen issue. The app doesn’t launch.
  4. Some medals are showing wrong values. Probably related to distance calculation issue (1).
  5. Help page is empty.
  6. Missing Imperial Units.
  7. Split page in settings doesn’t do anything.
  8. Changing Tile settings doesn’t make any difference.

Beta is now full – Thanks

Thanks for the overwhelming support for this beta. We have gone beyond what we were expecting. Thanks to Jay Bennett (WPCentral), Paul Lo and Mike Taulty (Microsoft). We are not taking more users with high end devices at this stage but we do need more users with Nokia Lumia 620, 520 and HTC 8S phones. More users with all devices will be added in the next phase happening next week.